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Teaching science through poetry in India

30/12/2015   Jenni

We were contacted by a science teacher from India who has been inspiring her own pupils to learn chemistry through poetry.  Dr Sukarma Rani Thareja is an Associate Professor of chemistry at Christ Church College, Kanpur, India. She has been teaching and doing research for several years with work published  in national and international journals.

Sukarma tharejaWhen teaching her students Dr Thareja seeks to encourage personal and creative interests in students by asking them to summarize lectures or text book chapters in their own words and in their own ways. In her teaching, to make students enjoy attending classes(academic or co curricular) she composes small poems and educational collages to introduce /recapitulate her lessons. This gives students an opportunity to combine chemistry information with their personal reactions.

Dr Thareja has very kindly shared her poem “Ph World " and accompanying art work.  For more information see;



pH World

Magical and useful   world is our pH scale.

Like a Foreign language,  it may sound, this pH scale.

Clever and intelligent  scientist formed this pH scale.

We are thankful to scientific world for giving us pH scale.

Degree of acidity/alkalinity is shows by  pH scale.

one to fourteen  variation is shown in pH scale.


Sulphuric acid: pH one

It is exothermic when mixed with waterdrop  one

Lemon juice pH : two.

Is highly acidic when lemon are two .

Orange juice pH :three

Good for bones and is toxin free

Coca cola pH : three to four,

Decays teeth and cleans toilet door,

Juice apple/tomato pH : four

Reduces weight which is more,


Banana pH : five,

Keeps Na /K  balance in floor,

Coffee pH: five to six,

Keeps the body  bones fit,

Pure milk pH :six,

Good source of calcium , keeps one fit.

Pure water pH : seven,

When taken in plenty gives life of heaven,

Sea water pH  : eight to nine,

Not to drink hard water, dear student mine,

Baking soda pH : nine,

Is a fermentation agent, for cooking cake fine,

Milk of magnesia pH : ten,

Removes stomach acidity, which  is a big den.


Ammonia solution pH :eleven,

Is highly basic and not to be drunken,

Pure ammonia  has pH : twelve  to thirteen.

We should also eat food which is alkaline.

Liquid drain cleaner  pHfourteen,

This wonderful pH rhyme ,is   liked by energetic  teens.  

pH 2