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Global Garden workshop series

23/10/2019   Jenni

In collaboration with OpenPlant, the latest Global Garden workshop was held at an exciting new venue, the Cambridge Botanic Garden as part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

The Cambridge Festival of Ideas welcomed around 25,000 people this year and celebrates the impact of the arts, humanities and social sciences on our daily lives and encourages discussion of many of today’s most challenging topics. A perfect backdrop for our reflective and informative Global Garden workshop series.

We were invited to host our workshop at the Cambridge University Botanic Garden, an inspirational and idyllic setting. With the help of Chantal and the Cambridge Botanic Garden team, our day long workshop was enjoyable for all. Participants could draw inspiration and ideas from the garden itself undoubtedly making the poetry and artwork created throughout the day, more enthused.

As always, access and benefit sharing rights of plant resources was a topic heavily discussed throughout the day, but this time we were lucky enough to have Dr Sam Brockington, head curator at the botanic gardens, drop in to give his own professional perspective on the matter and with regards to sourcing and maintaining plant collections at the gardens for enjoyment but also as a valuable resource for research purposes.

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