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SAW Project shows collaborations between scientists in Norwich & Brazil

12/01/2018   Jenni

In October 2017 we worked with a group of scientists from the John Innes Centre who are collaborating with researchers in Brazil on a project that aims to "find practical, low cost solutions that make more effective use of nitrogen (N) in agriculture, while attempting to decrease N pollution losses to the environment either to the atmosphere or through the soil".

Professor Ray Dixon, Dr Janine Wilkinson and Dr Corinne Appia-Ayme worked with year 4 teacher Sam Phillips and his class at West Earlham Junior School to bring the aims of this project to the children, with hands-on science experiments, poetry and art. The class enjoyed the day very much and were really amazed that scientists from Norwich are working with scientists across the world.  See here for a full write up!

Ray Dixon SAW