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SAW in Action

07/08/2017   Jenni


In March 2017 we began a series of SAW projects at Tunstead Primary School and we were delighted to be given permission to film one of the projects in action.  Working with film maker Jeremy Heaton we captured clips of a Science Art and Writing project on the theme of plants as green factories for producing high value natural products.  The science session was led by PhD student Hannah Griffiths from the John Innes Centre, the writing session by local poet Heidi Williamson and the art by Chris Hann.  We asked Hannah, Heidi and Chris to comment on their experiences working with SAW and we also interviewed teacher Sandy Watson on what SAW brings to the classroom.

This is the first time we have been able to video a SAW project and we hope this insight will show how this approach impacts on the adults who deliver these sessions in terms of working in a cross-disciplinary team and the benefits to children's learning.


About SAW Trust from Jenni Rant on Vimeo.