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SAW antibiotics book launch, October 2017

25/10/2017   Sami

SAW’s latest book, SAW antibiotics showcasing collaborations between scientists from the Norwich Research Park and local artists, writers and schools has officially launched!  An event to mark the occasion took place at Café Britannia, in the Guildhall, during Norwich Science Festival week.

Prof Anne Osbourn & Chris Gribble

Prof Anne Osbourn and Chris Gribble, Chief Executive of Writers Centre Norwich

With a great turn out, welcoming many who were involved in the making of the book, the launch was a great success and gave the opportunity for all to celebrate what the SAW initiative can achieve by highlighting the need to “encourage more innovation in the development of antibiotics”.

With the global threat of antibiotic resistance looming, new and improved strategies are required to combat the potentially disastrous effects on society. Using striking images from the Norwich Research Parks’ image library, the collaborators of this book designed SAW projects aimed to introduce antibiotic resistance and research currently taking place in Norwich.

Project participants produced poetry and artwork inspired by the science.  The book features a collection of these as well as science stories and animations about the current research and comments from the scientists involved.  The book is available to purchase from our website.

Professor Anne Osbourn (The Saw Trust) and Professor Matt Hutchings (UEA) both authors of the book, gave insightful talks about the SAW ethos and current research collaborations on the Norwich Research Park that aim to identify new sources of antibiotics and diagnostics.

Rebecca and Paul Osborne Medium

Rebecca and Paul Osborne

Clive Scott and Marie Noelle Guillot Medium

Prof Clive Scott and Prof Marie Noelle Guillot

Adrian Galvin Mike ODriscoll Dr Heidi Gure and Anita Staff Medium

Adrian Galvin, Mike ODriscoll, Dr Heidi Gure and Anita Staff

Tom Mclean with Jake Newitt Neil Homes and Sam Prudent Medium

Tom Mclean with Jake Newitt, Neil Homes and Sam Prudent

Prof Matt Hutchings with Sir David and Joyce Hopwood Medium

      Prof Matt Hutchings with Sir David and  Joyce Hopwood

Dr Jenni Rant Prof Matt Hutchings and Dr Justin OGrady Medium

Dr Jenni Rant, Prof Matt Hutchings and Dr Justin O'Grady

We would like to thank all those who were involved in the making of the book and those who attended the launch, it was great to see so many faces.

A special thank you to Café Britannia for hosting the launch event and providing drinks and nibbles!