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New Lunchbox Science Projects

15/04/2015   Jenni


A new collaboration between Farming & Countryside Education (FACE) and the SAW Trust will create 8 new projects for schools in 2015 that look at the links between science and agriculture.FACElogo 300dpi


Over the past year, the FACE East of England Regional Co-ordinator Moya Myerscough has used a local food lunchbox activity to encourage school children to think about where their food comes from. We plan to build on this model by taking common lunchbox ingredients such as bread, cheese, lettuce, yoghurt, water, chocolate & crisps and introduce current research topics through activities to show the strong links between science and agricultural development.

Funded by local agricultural charities and pulling together cutting edge research from the Norwich Research Park, these projects will use the SAW cross-disciplinary approach to enable children to explore the issues being addressed in science and agriculture that focus on feeding future populations in a sustainable and environmentally sensitive manner.

Eight one-day sessions will be designed and delivered in schools during June 2015 by teams of scientists, artists and writers, where children will explore the ingredients through practical science, creative writing and the visual arts, with the option of a farm visit on a second day.

The schools will then present their projects in a celebration exhibition at the Royal Norfolk Show and lesson plans will be developed from each of the eight sessions to enable sharing of the ‘Lunchbox Science’ activities to schools locally and nationally via the FACE and SAW Trust websites.