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31/01/2019   Jenni

In a previous SAW project we worked with the 2Blades Foundation to design and deliver a lesson plan on the theme of wheat disease.  The science session introduces children to some of the issues farmers and plant breeders face when developing crop varieties that will perform well in the environment and deliver high yields.  A maths activity focuses on crop losses resulting from plant disease and shows how disease resistance genes can be selected to protect crops from invading pathogens.  Using the concepts from the science session, thinking about food security and exploring a set of carefully selected images that underpin the science the children then respond through writing poetry.  The lesson is concluded with an art session that introduces children to the artist, perhaps most well known for creating the Angel of the North sculpture, Antony Gormley and his installation Field which features thousands of simple figurines.  The children create their own version, moulding figures out of wheat dough and assembling them in a similar arrangement to the original. This project was run in one school day and the lesson plan is available to download on our Teacher page.

If you decide to run this session it would be great to hear about it!