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New Global Garden publication in Plants, People, Planet Journal

19/11/2020   Sami

PPP global gardens

We are delighted to have published an article entitled The Global Garden project: Imagining plant science, that documents the delivery of The Global Garden workshop, including participants poetry and art work, ,in the latest issue of Plants, People, Planet.  

Using the SAW initiative as a vehicle, our Global Garden workshops invite people to learn about the high value chemicals produced by plants and to explore the issues surrounding the commercial development, environmental and cultural implications from the use of these products. Workshop participants engage in hands-on science and discussion sessions, followed by creative writing and art sessions in which they produce art and poetry inspired by their understanding of the issues.

The pilot workshops were facilitated by social scientist Dr Nick Lee from the University of Warwick who nurtured and supported open discussions that explored individual perspectives and ideas of biosynthesis, biodiversity and benefit sharing and how participation in the workshop impacted on pre-formed views.  The outcomes from the workshop demonstrate how taking a SAW approach can support adults in learning new scientific concepts and provide accessible creative ways of sharing thoughts and feelings.

Read the full paper here.