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DNA Dave workshop kick-off

10/03/2020   Jenni

Just before lockdown at the beginning of March we were lucky enough to host the first “Build your own DNA Dave robot workshop” at the John Innes Centre as part of our work with OpenPlant.  Teams of students from year 9 to sixth form and their teachers from schools across the county joined us for a crash course to learn how DNA Dave was built and then a DNA coding practical using BBC:microbit.   The teams were given starter kits to take away and are tasked with building their own versions to tell a biological story.  Due to the closer of schools progress has been a little hampered but they are all keen to get going once school resumes as they prepare to reveal their final robots at a sharing event next year, where prizes are up for grabs!

DNA Dave workshop team photo march 2020

DNA Dave kick off workshop teams


For more details please visit the DNA Dave hackster page.