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DNA Dave at the Biomakers fayre

06/11/2019   Sami

The five months of the Biomaker Challenge have officially come to an end and to celebrate the latest part of the DNA Dave project, along with the other teams, we headed back to Cambridge to showcase what Dave has been up to. 

Dave has had a complete overhaul in the last few months, with his ‘guts’ being ripped out and his Arduino being replaced for a BBC micro:bit board, more accessible electronics and he has even been given a louder ‘voice’.  With the help of Ioannis (Cambridge University), our computational scientist, we have been able to design a cross-disciplinary workshop for schools, complete with supporting booklet that will help  schools to understand coding, how to build a robot and the biology messages explained by DNA Dave.  We were also fortunate enough to have PhD student Marco Graziano (UEA), design some inspiring scientific drawings to illustrate our booklet.

DNA Dave at the Biomakers Fayre

DNA Dave at the Biomakers Fayre

The fayre took place at Murray Edwards College and was a great opportunity to hear about the projects other Biomaker teams have been working on - visit the Biomaker Hackster page to find out more.   Although Dave wasn’t lucky enough to win a Biomaker award, big congratulations to LunaFLow, 3D Bioprinter team and the OpenCM team for scooping the Best Technology, the Best Biology and Best Biomaker Spirit awards, respectively.

We will be launching our Build Your Own DNA Dave workshop in March 2020 for secondary schools so check out our project Hackster page where you can learn about what the project entails and find a link to download all our open access resources.

If you think your school would be interested in taking part in the very first Build Your Own DNA Dave workshop please get in touch to book your place and receive your FREE micro:bit kit and starter pack.

Lastly, a big thank you to the Biomaker Challenge, Openplant and the Biochemical Society for the additional funding.