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The Magic of Water at West Earlham Infant School


magic of water lesson planWith the help of SAW intern Shannon Woodhouse, we ran our first The Magic or Water lesson! 

This latest lesson is designed to help children explore the properties of water and to understands its importance to our planet.

The day began with an introduction to buoyancy, water displacement and surface tension, during which we added a competitive activity that had the students trying to pipette the greatest amount of water onto the face of a coin until the tension gave way.

Two of the most popular science activities of the day included exploring water density and temperature by creating floating potatoes with the help of salt water and preventing hot and cold-water mixing.

The last science activity of the day saw all the children enthusiastically making their own rapid ice-cream while exploring the different states of water and endothermic reactions!

With an imaginative array of scientific images to help inspire the art and writing activities, we had an exciting assortment of activities for the children to get involved in.

As the workshop was being delivered to Year 1 pupils, writer Mike O’Driscoll, adapted his usual approach of creating individual poems to helping the students to create a class poem. Students were divided up into small groups and each group was asked to produce a water inspired line of poetry.

Once each group had come up with their own line, Mike arranged them into one large poem and the class read the poem aloud as a group. They even came up with their own actions to accompany their poem.

Much to the delight of many of the students, there were lots of messy art activities to have a go at, including; ice-cube and Brusho art, wax resistance, marbling and Brusho art using water spray bottles.

As usual, the West Earlham Infant School were wonderful to work with and we look forward to going back as well as running our Magic of Water workshop again.

A selection of poetry from the students

Beautiful, rainbow, soapy bubbles was our clothes clean and bright.

Bubbles in the bath, splish, splash splosh,
nice and clean having a wash.

The tap goes splash, the water steams,
The shower streams, foaming bubbles cover my head.

Water gushing out of taps, tubs filled right to the top,
mixing with bubble bath, creating bubbles to pop!

Dive deep down the water slide SPLASH,

Standing on tip-toes,
ready to jump to cause big waves that ripple to the edge and go whoosh in the pool.

Under the sea there lives rainbow fishes, dolphin and sharks.

Shhhooosh fish are swimming, the sand feels soft on my toes,
Collecting shells in a bucket, a crab is walking past, sharks, whales and dolphins are hiding,
a nosey seal is watching us.

The rain goes drip drop, the thunder goes bang crash,
the puddles goes splish splash splosh.

Freezing, chilly, floating flakes,
pretty patterns, snow angels, snowballs and sledging.

- Year 1 class poem.