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Sprowston Junior - Lunchbox Science : Yoghurt


Scientist Professor Kay Yeoman from the University of East Anglia worked with artist Scott Johnson, writer Molly Naylor and Neil Reed's year 6 class. Kay asked the children what they knew about the production of yoghurt. She explained how microorganisms play a key role in the fermentation of milk to make yoghurt.

The children were asked if they had heard of probiotics in yoghurt. They were mostly familiar with Actimel and were asked to prepare a series dilution from a bottle of Actimel to reduce the number of bacteria in each dilution for plating out and growing. Kay had some plates she prepared earlier and the children used these to work out the total number of bacteria in one bottle of Actimel!

The class then heard how some probiotics and medicine can be encapsulated in alginate balls to travel through the body to the gut and had a go at making their own filled with orange juice.

In the writing session, Molly used a word-science activity where the children invented new words and came up with imaginative meanings for them and then wrote poems about the gut. Scott showed the children how to do milk marbling to create colourful art work that the children then used to cover 3D structures of bacteria that they made.