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Kinsale Junior - Lunchbox Science : Cheese


Scientist, Dr Duncan Gaskin from the Institute of Food Research used images of a dairy cow’s udder, milk, some different sorts of cheese and the structure of different cheeses to get year 4 children at Kinsale Junior to think about the chemistry involved in food and how understanding the properties of food structure helps us make a wide variety of different types of cheese. Working in small groups the children made their own mozzarella cheese from fresh cows milk so they could witness the transitional stages that take place when turning the milk into cheese. Mike O'Driscoll started the writing session by reading a poem that he had written about the many different cheeses that exist to demonstrate how personification and the way our senses respond to cheese can be used to write a poem. The children then shared their responses to different cheeses and used these ideas and words to write their own poems which they then took turns to perform to the class. Artist, Theodora Lecrinier continued the theme of using our senses to explore things in the art session by starting with an activity of blindfold cheese tasting. Each child had small pieces of 4 different types of cheese to feel and taste without the preconceptions of seeing the cheese. This made them think about the structure of the food and if/how that relates to the smell or taste. They were then provided with clay to recreate models of magnified cheese structures based on the science images.