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Journey of a Seed at West Earlham Junior School


With ‘journeys’ as the theme for this year’s British Science Week, we were delighted to join year 4 at West Earlham Junior School last month to deliver a SAW project on “The journey of a seed”.

Throughout the day, children in Mr Hartley’s class explored the life cycle of a plant and the reasons for variation in seed morphology. Children got hands on identifying a variety of different seeds, made their very own mini greenhouses to grow seeds in and enjoyed playing our “Plant growth” game, in which they explored what factors effect plant growth. 

seedAfter break the children went on to produce some lovely seed-inspired poetry, with the support of writer, Mike O’Driscoll. To begin with, many of the class believed that poems had to rhyme and so they were surprised and excited by the prospect that they could write anything they liked, leading to some original and inspiring poems.  The children were all  keen to read their poems aloud to the rest of the class before a well-earned lunch break.

The pace didn’t ease after lunch as the afternoon was crammed full of detailed art activities, where students created their own 3D dandelion head, pollen covered bee and dandelion finger painting guided by artist Chris Hann.

It was lovely to be back in one of our regular schools and we are glad the class enjoyed it so much!


A selection of poetry from the students

The Bumpy Plane

Crackling plants,
Rustling in nature
Different and the same,
Unique and exact.
If you were a seed,
What would you grow?

From a poem written by Harry, Year 4.