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East Norfolk Sixth Form College


John Innes Centre scientist Tessa Moses, who specialises in metabolic engineering, introduced A Level students to synthetic biology and her research into engineering yeast for the production of high value chemicals, such as the anti-malarial drug artemisinin.  Tessa was working on Syntegron 2, a project funded by the  Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. 

We gave the students a glimpse into the world of synthetic biology and how scientists use this concept to solve world food and health problems. The students embraced the idea and used it as inspiration for their creativity, truly breaking the boundaries between science, art and writing with their young minds. It was personally a very rewarding experience.”  Dr Tessa Moses

The poetry session produced some great work and we were delighted with an amusing yeast poem written and performed by the science teacher! 

The art session explored links between scientific imagery used to report successful transformations in yeast and works by the artist Jasper Johns.


Photos courtesy of Bethany Trohear.