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SAW in schools

SAW in schools projects have proved immensely popular with children and teachers alike. They have also given valuable insights into helping spark engagement in the classroom. SAW projects have spanned varying age ranges and abilities, and we have worked closely with the staff in each school to tailor projects to specific learning outcomes.

Recent projects

Each SAW project is as individual as the school taking part. Here you can see details, photos, poetry and artwork from our most recent projects.

What teachers say about SAW

“Overall all staff and pupils think the project was extremely interesting and valuable. The pupils were challenged to think differently and responded very well. Personally I was very pleased with all aspects of the project and I know that I will think differently about teaching some aspects of the science curriculum. Sylvia, Helen and myself thank you all very much for such an inspiring project. I would love this to be repeated with a different class next year if possible.”
Kathy Lofthouse, The Clare School, Norwich

“When I was doing my lesson plan I was struck by how many frameworks I touched upon in this seemingly simple lesson.”
A trainee kindergarten teacher, Boston, USA

“The children were enthused that all their contributions were valued. They were pleased with the end result – a snowflake – and enjoyed this being displayed.”
Year 2 teacher, Hollingworth Primary School

“A fantastic session. The children were engaged throughout and produced some wonderful results. A well organised and resourced session.”
Year 4 Art Teacher, Hollingworth Primary School

“This project has a life of its own. It has captured the imaginations of not only my colleagues, but my students and their students and schools.”
Professor Swiniarski, Professor of Education at Salem State College, Boston, USA

“The children were on task for the whole session (1 ½ hours). They worked in ability groups and each group contributed similes to the chorus. My lasting impression is of the Red group squealing with delight at the verse that they had produced!”
Year 4 Teacher, Hollingworth Primary School

“The children were enthralled and very positive about the activities.”
Isabel Smith, Spooner Row Primary School

“This work fires the creative process and makes connections between science and the arts in the children's minds.”
Ken Holbeck, Head Teacher, Rockland St Mary County Primary School

“Very well organised and the children really enjoyed the task. They thrived on working in groups. [The] children produced some really good work and thoroughly enjoyed it.”
Year 3 Art Teacher, Hollingworth Primary School

“For the children to have the chance to access the knowledge, inspiration and ideas of the three experts was terrific. They had a great day. The excitement of seeing the test tubes and equipment made them feel like they were ‘in a real lab’. I will long remember their faces. The concept is superb. It works wonderfully and has informed my teaching during the last year.”
Nick King, Barford Primary School

“The children were enthusiastic about the tasks and engaged in group activities. A range of AT1 skills were covered.”
Year 2 Science Teacher, Hollingworth Primary School

“SAW - A wholeness of experience, an integration that is both affirming and revelatory.”
Jill Pirrie, internationally renowned poetry teacher

“SAW reminded me of why I took up teaching in the first place.”
John Nicholson, artist, retired chemistry teacher and science education lecturer

“SAW - We need more. Please!”
Ken Holbeck, Head Teacher, Rockland St. Mary County Primary School.

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