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SAW in the news

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Where there’s muck there’s art - Eastern Daily Press July 2012

Perfecting the noble art of mud-slinging - Eastern Daily Press June 2012

Science fun with Nobel winner's granddaughter - Eastern Daily Press

Science day visit from Dr Gerty Ward - Watton & Swaffham Times, may 2012

Creative science project at primary school - Eastern Daily Press, May 2012

SAW Showcase Book Review - School Science Review, Dec 2009

The beauty in science - Eastern Daily Press, Feb 2009

Plucking poetry from the air - Eastern Daily Press

Raindrops: Poetry in Motion - Times Educational Supplement

Young poets of the year - Bayer crop science

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Children's poems and art inspired by science – Evening News

Self-belief and the art of writing – Eastern Daily Press

Shedding light on the poetry of science – Eastern Daily Press

See Saw Book Review – School Science Review, March 2006


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Professor Anne Osbourn, SAW founder


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Professor Anne Osbourn, SAW founder

SAW in action

For photographs of SAW in action, have a look at the ‘SAW in the classroom’ and ‘SAW for adults’ pages. These contain many great shots of the workshops taking place, scientific images used, and writing and artwork from participants. If you would like any particular shot in higher resolution for use in a publication, please get in touch.