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Looking to run your own SAW project?



 We can put together a SAW team to come into your school and deliver a project if you are in the East of England. Get in touch to find out more.

We realise that getting a SAW team in to deliver a tailored project for you isn’t always possible, so we have put together some useful resources to help you plan your own SAW activities. Best of all, they have all been tried and tested in schools.

Click on the links below to download the useful resources:

       -        Bee Lesson Plan and Presentation for the whiteboard 

       -        "The Bee Who Lost Her Stripes" animation video.

       -        Activity 1 - To bee or not to bee 

       -        Activity 2 - Colony cycle game Pictures and captions for colony cycle game

       -        Activity 3 - All the buzz board game  All the buzz bee cards & counters All the buzz chance cards

  • SAW Lunchbox Science series 

       -        Yeast Lesson Plan and PowerPoint

       -        Cheese Lesson Plan and PowerPoint

       -        Lettuce Lesson Plan and PowerPoint

       -        Wheat Lesson Plan and PowerPoint

  • NEW Who's Who? questioning stereotypes within science, art and writing guessing game.

We would love to hear about your SAW activities so please get in touch and tell us about your projects – we can even feature them on our News page for you!

In addition to our resources here are some others that you might find helpful:

SAW is a cross disciplinary approach that harnesses the natural curiosity of children to inspire them to investigate science and the world around them but don’t just take our word for it, here is what some of our valued teachers and the Norfolk County Council have to say about some of our projects.


Teacher Training Workshops

SAW in-school workshops for teachers provide bespoke, practical and innovative training from SAW scientists, artists and writers.

Our cross-curricular team offer a range of workshops that can be tailored to your needs and delivered in your school. All our training workshops employ interactive and dynamic teaching methods that make them both practical and fun, and are a perfect opportunity for staff team building. 

A classic SAW training workshop is delivered over one school day and includes a variety of hands-on science, art and writing activities. All materials for the day are provided including SAW lesson plans for future use.

Mrs Sarah Godbold (executive head teacher) and her team at the Churchside Federation had this to say about their SAW INSET day

"The SAW CPD day for staff was just what we needed after a term of teaching in lockdown. It was an inspiring session that really revitalised our love of teaching and learning. As a school we are very creative in our approach and try to feed the children’s natural curiosity and the SAW project does that really well. We enjoyed the hands on sessions from each subject area and it was great to be given practical activities and ideas to take away to try. Two weeks in to the start of the year and staff have many SAW project planned”. 

For more information about our training workshops and fees or to discuss booking one for your organisation contact us here.


Past Teacher workshops