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Creative Science Outreach

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Science, Art and Writing is an education initiative that takes a cross disciplinary approach to learning, making science accessible to people with varied interests.  Using intriguing scientific images as a starting point, diverse topics are explored through scientific experiments, visual art and creative writing.

The SAW Trust specialises in providing mentoring and training to help scientists design and deliver engaging science outreach projects that communicate key aspects of their research.  We also run training workshops for PhD students and for groups of scientists, artists and writers.

Core activities that we help scientists to create include our day-long SAW workshops in schools, events for adults and exhibition stands.

Being involved in a SAW workshop has proved excellent training for young scientists and a fantastic re-invigorator for experienced practitioners.  SAW projects also generate a range of reusable outreach tools and creative outputs that can be shared.  See what previous participants have said.

If you are a scientist and would like to create a SAW project contact us here and view our e-brochure here.

For a wealth of scientific images free to download, visit the Norwich Research Park’s Image Library.

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