SAW in the classroom during 2007

Martham Primary School – December 2007

Scientists Sam Mugford and Melissa Dokarry used their research on ‘Plant natural products’ to help children aged 7-9 discover how and why different plants make different kinds of chemicals. Teacher Heather Delf, artist Chris Hann and writers Mike O’Driscoll and Joe Mugford used colourful close-ups of surfaces including a mint leaf, the human tongue, nose skin and crystals to inspire artwork and poetry.

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Trowse Primary School – December 2007

This workshop on ‘Starch’ used microscopes to look at starch granules inside living plants and close-up photographs and drawings of starch granules as the basis for art and poetry. Scientists Alison Smith and Matilda Crumpton-Taylor worked with teacher Clive Portman, artist Sarah Jarrett and writer Tom Corbett to inspire children aged 9-11 about the beauties of this amazingly versatile structure.

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North Elmham Primary School – November 2007

A lot of fun was had by the children aged 9-11 in this workshop on the theme of ‘Salmonella’. Led by scientist Vittoria Danino, teacher Joanna Coe, artist Sarah Jarrett and writer Tom Corbett, the children found the science exciting and more than one poem delighted in the detail of the symptoms of salmonella poisoning!

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Tacolneston Primary School – November 2007

‘Emulsions’ was the theme for this workshop led by scientist Alan Mackie, artist Chris Hann, writer Martin Figura, and teacher Christina Douglas. Groups of 7-11 year olds were inspired by the scientific theme and by photographic images that included a computer model of whey protein, images of the physical properties of water, air and oil, and stunning close-ups of a protein film and a coin being dropped into water (illustrating surface tension).

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Barford Primary School, Norfolk – June 2007

This project was initiated and co-ordinated by Nick King, a teacher at the school. After discussing the concept with SAW founder Anne Osbourn, he developed a week-long programme of events involving the whole school, based on SAW principles. Children covered topics as diverse as wave forms, the aurora borealis, and micro-beasts. Scientific photographs were used as inspiration for art and writing, culminating in a celebratory assembly.

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Harrogate Grammar, Harrogate, North Yorkshire – April 2007

‘Outer space’ was the theme of this cross-county SAW project set up by the school’s science teacher Catherine Baxter. Classes explored the theme through practical science with Catherine.  They then took part in ‘Outer space’ workshops with poets Tom Corbett and Juliet Eve from Norwich and Stuart Pickford from Yorkshire, and with artists Chris Hann from Norwich and Helen Peyton from Yorkshire.

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Slough Grammar School – February 2007

This SAW project was organised by Head of Science Ramon Doon with support from Marguerite Rogers, on the theme of evolution. Children aged 11 to 12 worked with inspirational scientific images to produce themed poetry.

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St Peter's School Easton, Costessey Infants, Costessey Junior, and Costessey High Schools, Norwich – 2007

A series of projects, all around the theme 'living things', were held in these Norfolk schools in 2007. The children studied different kinds of living things in situ and also worked with startling scientific photographs around the theme to inspire hands-on science, writing and artwork.

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See photos, artwork and poetry from Costessey Infants, Costessey
Junior and St Peter’s School, Easton

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