SAW in the classroom during 2006

University of East Anglia, Norfolk – September 2006

As part of the British Association Science Festival week a special SAW project took place at the University of East Anglia. Using inspirational scientific pictures, children from Roydon and Garboldisham Primary Schools each experienced a science workshop, a poetry workshop and an art workshop – all exploring the theme ‘Solids, liquids and gases’.

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Taverham High School, Norfolk – June 2006

As Taverham is a sports specialist school, the theme for this project was ‘Science and sport’. Topics included extreme sports like bungee jumping, parkour, kite surfing and others, linked in to scientific images of beta-endorphins, computer monitoring of heart beat, and red blood cells.

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Great Hockham Primary School, Norfolk – May 2006

A one day project on ‘Magnetism’, with children age 7-11 exploring the properties of magnets. One experiment involved grinding up cornflakes and extracting iron from them.

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Mundesley First School, North Norfolk – March 2006

‘The sea’ was the theme for this three day project involving 135 children aged 4-8. Visual stimuli included seaweed, jellyfish and close-ups of salt crystals. Beach materials were also collected by the younger children to use as a starting point for science and other forms of creative exploration, while the older children made steam boats and investigated the foaming properties of tap and salt water.

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Scuola elementare statale ‘Giovanni XXIII’,
Torino, Italia
– 2006

Inspirational images of shells and diatoms (single-celled, intricately patterned algae) inspired poetic exploration by ten year-old Italian schoolchildren in this international SAW project.

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