SAW - Science, Art and Writing ™

SAW in the classroom during 2005

Trowse Primary School, Norwich – November 2005

A two day project involving 100 children aged 4-11. Staff chose ‘Water’ as the theme. Images used included a water drop at the moment of impact, dewdrops, and iridescence coloured light patterns on a film of oil on water. As well as art and poetry, dance and movement were used to explore science and creativity.

See photos, poetry and artwork from this project

Rockland St Mary County Primary School and Framingham Earl High School, South Norfolk – March 2005

Stunning scientific images including the earth from space, ammonites and the inside of a leaf were used in creative ways to inspire poetry and artwork. The result was an anthology called ‘See Saw’ which is available from this website or Amazon UK.

See photos, poetry and artwork from this project