SAW - Science, Art and Writing ™

Wicklewood Primary School – Nov 2012

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Artwork from the project

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SAW at Wicklewood Primary - Rocket launch!

SAW at Wicklewood Primary - art

Poems from the project

Dry Ice!
I am confusingly cold.
As white as muddy snow, rolling
Diamonds glinting in the sun. I bash, dent and chip.
Sticky substance to touch, it burns, it hurts,
It curls and swirls. Floating boxes, drifting along,
Thousands of doors to open with a creak.
I crackle like falling caves. When I open my steamy souls.
Dark and dangerous I can be. Crosses you notice all over me.
My end is near, heat I fear!
I shout
By Minnie M

Salt Crystal

By Alice Bardwell

I’m an alien spying on you.
My half open eyes are splitting chestnuts.
I’m the very garden you play on.
My cheeks are hairy veins.
I’m a monster ready to grab you!
My face is like a chameleon.
By Imogen Lee

It oozes and sucks,
The mud glints in the sun,
Poisoned, polluted,
Sucking down its helpless, struggling victims.

Swirling treacherous waters,
Like portals to other worlds,
Thick black mud holds people down,
As the deadly waters choke them to death.

The bubbles floating on their voyage,
Through scummy waters,
Are like frogspawn
That will never hatch.

But then the sun comes out,
The marsh is defeated,
It retreats,
And sinks back into the soil.
By Tom Childs

What am I?
Yellow bubbler
Toxic melter
Slippery steamer
Graffiti duster.

Ancient exploder
Mustard burner
Splashing slowly
Stinging painfully.

A killing passer
Wow it’s yellow
Tribes treasure
Daily wager.
What am I?
By Alex Emerson
(Answer: A sulphur mine)

Scary gases
Awful scary gases
Dangerous awful scary gases
Expanding dangerous awful scary gases
By Savina