SAW - Science, Art and Writing ™

St Peter & St Paul Primary School, Carbrooke –
September 2011

iGEM SAW Project September 2011

Inspirational images used
Images courtesy of the Science Photo Library©.

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Images from the iGEM SAW Project

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For more examples of work from this project please download this Power Point document.

Poetry from the iGEM SAW Project

Prison cell holding the secret of life,
swirling ladder,
ribbons of ice,
Toy model,
spiral around,
twisted metal,
spiral world.
Jaden (9)

Human DNA
Imagine DNA that changed colour like a firework.
Cell bars trapping you in,
climbing up stairs that never end like twisted metal.
Mitchell (9)

Different Places
Imagine a place where molten sunsets,
cowboys live, crackled concrete,
orange candyfloss clouds and a lemon sun.
Elle (9)

Green Rabbit
A rabbit jelly mould,
has eaten a green DNA glow stick,
it hops while it glows,
it walks through the grass camouflaged,
he’s a lonely loner
because he’s green.
Lauren (9)