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Notre Dame High School, Norwich – May 2010

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Poetry from Notre Dame High School

A dim and eerie glow
A dim and eerie glow, pulsating, warm and welcoming.
A party of light warning about the dangers ahead.
Now I’m closer to this forest of lampposts,
They illuminate the ground,
A bumpy, lumpy mass of blisters that squash under my feet.
They’re so unlike yet so alike,
To the trees where we call home.
Young saplings peeking out the ground, great Oaks that rule the sky.
Bubblegum pink and waxy white,
Their bark feels like rubber.
I could bounce on top of the tree tops in a heaven of calm.
But as these trees sway in the breeze,
Darkness looms ahead,
The forests given me sure and strength –
Now the adventure begins.
Ben Bush

The Birth
Pulsating growths,
They quiver in the synthetic light
Outside, wringing hands, sweat trickling
What have they wrought?
Inside, the abnormality
It shouldn’t have been
Its existence was unnaturally
Created within their fears
Pixels appear on the plastic
Metal guiding
They do not know what message they convey
Eyes widen
           Mouths open
                      Feet tense
And the chase begins
A bubbling verdigris potion
Spills out from its cold, bright grave
It trickles over the
Disposable gloves the
           Scalpels the
                      Chemicals the
Bodies lying choking on the floor
It takes shape
A form
Of sorts
It lashes a convulsing limb
Towards the ceiling
           The skylight shatters
Into ten thousand pieces
           Which are watched by the brilliant light
Of the moon
It slithers out, moving on its
Supple, malleable
Its movements
Little and smooth
Almost, graceful it
Along the top of the warehouse
           The pieces of glass still stuck in the
Unknown, unexplained being
           They glimmer and shine
Prance and swing
In the moonlight who
Finally welcomes the creation
           A curtain of light unfolds
From the clouds
And it touches
           The just born
It’s a substance
An animal
A person
It flows up with passion
Moulding itself
A mouth opens
Aimed at the sky
And it lets loose
           A primal howl.
Isambard J. Dexter

Drip drop
Drip drop
Each a precious drop of gold,
Bringing an end to emptiness,
The moon a witness to this spark of hope.

Drip drop
An end to the silence,
A life where there was none.

Drip drop
Branches bending,
Lowering the gold to its earthy throne,
Welcoming the royal waters.

Drip drop
The blue night reflecting,
Echoing the rain.

Drip drop
The dusty land,
Flooded with colour,
Flooded with life.

Drip drop
The water’s thundering,
From the skies above,
Harder and harder.

Drip drop
A silence,
A peace.
Jess Miller

Metallic bells
Metallic bells ringing out,
Rippling heat waves,
A wave of bells,
Bubbling sounds through the heat.

The smoothness
Suddenly the smoothness is replaced by chaos,
The perfection pulses into blistering pustules,
The foetal shape is distorted and disfigured,
And stretched skin bursts into a splash of colour.

It lets out a whimpering whine,
And tries to twist itself to ease the strain of its own grotesque casing,
You hear the squelch as its muscles enlarge at an alarming pace,
And it slowly bats open a sticky bloodshot eye.

Its bulbous head gives a final stretch into position,
And with a sickening clunk, the bones shift into place.
Small stubble starts to sprout up and down its putrid torso,
Finally it lets out an ear-piercing wail,
And fat tears trickle down its tightly skinned cheeks.
Roisin Batty

The sound of the siren
The sound of the siren,
Wrapped in sharp rusted wires,
A drop of calm blue melting helps,
But doesn’t stop me hearing,
Almost drilling it grinds my senses,
Scraping, scratching, escaping it’s lining,
The noise piercing with new sounds,
Louder, louder……
Georgia Marchant

Try this
Try this yummy doughnut,
It has a strawberry taste,
Try this yummy doughnut,
It will surely add to your waist!

Try this scrumptious ice cream,
It’s definitely worth a bite,
Try this scrumptious ice cream,
You’d have it any night.

Try this squelchy jelly,
It wobbles on your plate,
Try this squelchy jelly,
It’s super super great!
Florence Ventham