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Great Ellingham Primary School – July 2010

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Poetry from Great Ellingham Primary School

Jabberwocky's Dragon Blood
The Jabberwocky's Dragon blood is really red,
So you sometimes say "off with the head".

On mars we alighted
A large banner we sighted
"So that's it," I said
"Why mars is called red"

Red Planet
Everything is red
The sky is red
The ground is red
Mars is red.
Everything is red
Except for my bed
That's yellow

Red is blood, or ketchup
The colour of death
The devil's lair
Taking away your breath

The colour of ripe cherries
And tomatoes
Eating and loving
Traffic stops
The Man Unt kit
The angry feeling
The power.

Mojito is the colour of lush green grass
in the sight of the sun
The feeling of summer when all fruits are ripe
A blackberry all ripe and ready

Plunge pool
The colour of the sky
And the deep dark sea
With my team from my eyes
Will make me see.

Spring Green
Lighter than bottle green
But darker than faded lime
It won't make you mime at all
Just make your day finish fine
It makes you feel relaxed and calm.