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Hollingworth Primary and Nursery School, Tameside – November 2009

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Hollingworth Primary and Nursery School poetry

Salt Poem by Year 4

The salt in the sea is as salty as you and me,
The salt in the sea is smaller than you and me,
Salt is in tears, salt is in ears,
Salt is solid just like me,
A tear in the eye is as salty as the salt mine.
A tear that we cry is like a drop of salty water in the salty sea.
The salt in you and me is very salty indeed.
If we don’t have enough salt, our body will come to a halt.
Salt is as light as a feather unlike me and you.

As small as a speck,
As big as a boulder,
As white as snow,
As spiky as a hedgehog,
As sparkly as diamonds,
As smooth as a dog tail,
As rough as rock,
When you eat something salty it’s like a firework in your throat.

As white as a cloud,
As sparkly as a diamond,
Useful, tasty,
As sweet as sugar,
As tasty as a lolly pop.
When you sprinkle salt on your food it looks like snow falling from the sky.
Tasty on food, but not on its own.
As big as a boulder,
As small as sand.

Rock salt is as crinkly as an old man's face.
It is as solid as a rock,
It is as white as snow and sugar.
When you taste it, it’s as salty as the deep blue sea,
When you touch it, it feels hard like rock.
Eating salt is as crunchy as a crisp.
It looks see through.
Salt is a bit wobbly.
It looks freaky because it looks like a ghost.
It is bitter if you taste it,
You can put it on your food.
You can put it on your kitchen table in a shaker,
And it sounds like a teacher saying ‘ssh’.

It’s square, it’s dusty, it’s powdery and it’s small.
As light as a feather and as soft as a feather.
It smells as salty as the sea.
The salt mill screeches like an owl.
And the salt hits the plate with a pitter patter tap.
It’s small as a bug, a tiny ant.
As big as a star.
Good on chips, Chinese or chippy.

Salt is made of molecules,
Put salt in water and it dissolves.
It goes smaller and smaller then it disappears.
Salt is as solid as a rock.
Sea salt is the fastest to dissolve,
Rock salt is the slowest to dissolve.
It is as clear as water,
As fizzy as a bath bomb,
As plain as ready salted crisps.

Cakes, stew and soup are dull without salt,
As salty as the deep blue sea,
As tasty as chips,
As tasty as fish,
Salt brings out the flavour in your food,
A chip without salt is like ketchup without tomatoes.


A Pond Skater’s Day by year 6

The Pond Skater’s Swagger
Ponds, ponds, wonderful ponds
Where pond skaters skate along.
Pond skaters love ponds
It’s the only place where they
Can skate along.
The fish lurk below the pond
Where pond skaters skate along.
The trout try and eat the pond skaters
But they are too fast
Pond skaters live on water and that is where they’ll stay.

Pond Skater
Pond skaters skate
Over the lake
Never sink
Don’t you think.
Six legs, kicking pegs
Around fail, though I always bail
Even though I don’t need a wand
Right, I walk across the pond.

A Pond Skater’s Day
A pond skater skates across the pond
Zig-zagging everywhere like James Bond.
Their everyday job is catching flies
Every child that sees them runs away and hides.
But the pond skater knows
That he will eat a good dinner tonight
And all the little insects will have a really bad