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Morley CE Primary School, Norfolk – November 2009

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Morley schools pupils hard at work

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Poetry from Morley primary school

Mint Leaf
Open little holes, to a room of enchantment,
Jelly big circles waiting to pop.
Green big mountains one by one,
Big prickly thorns waiting for someone.
Tiny little insects crawling around the world,
Little patterns, everyone in wonder,
Yellow little houses, children having dinner.
An old but big volcano covered with squelching grass,
Some day, one day this will all be gone.
By Michael

As I walk along the surface of the great green giant,
Tripping every so often in the holes.
I chew a new hole and run into a forest of pith,
Trapped in a forest of lime,
The constant smell of citrus zest.
By Amy

Walking over the vast green slippery landscape,
Sticky to the touch but slippery when you walk on it,
The sweet smell hangs in the air.
Big boulders, black and shiny,
As I climb down the side, an enormous mass of brown vines consume me.
By Alexel

Trapped in maze of fruit,
I’m wandering though a white wind of zest.
Fruit juice dripping from roof to floor,
Boulder-like pips roll around and cross my path,
Ow, the pain of juice in my eye!
Repetitive segments appearing to my view,
Yikes, I think……I’m being eaten!
By Charlotte

The outer crust, a smooth jet of exotic colour, with the finest texture,
Like the skin of a mysterious toad.
The inside is full of the smell of crisp succulent sunlight,
The segments, each a home for unknown beings.
The taste, sweet, thick, glorious sensations of pure gold thundering down my throat.
The feeling, tingling of the knee high juice and the walls pressing in…
By Tom

I approach what appears to the eye as a Zulu, wacky worm.
It flumps there like a cool marsh flare,
Aromas round a scent of drowsy surf.
A mellow citrus spice, smelly dragon, bright and mushy,
The sound, a creamy hum, exotic frog, wince, murmur.
What mellow zebra green, a clear curly fresh mushroom,
A zest of bumpy smooth.
What lies in the comfy sculpted zing?
A friendly Shrek of hippo flowers?
A chocolate slurp of lazy skip?
A happy tear from a fluffy laugh!
By Mo

Land of lime
A round flat marshland, smelling sourly sweet,
Peel away to find a land of zesty snow.
Carry on in to find a light green city,
The sky scrappers sway together.
Dare to go beyond and find the core,
But you can’t go further, you’ll travel no more.
By Joseph

I chew a hole through the pea-like orange giant,
The smooth skin tastes so sour,
My feet get stuck to the sticky floor,
Each segment, a little room.
I get a headache as I ram into a pip,
I’m lost in the millions of rooms,
The orange gets a big squeeze…..
Ahhh!.....I’m Juice!
By Natasha

I live in the mango,
The walls are all sweet,
The stone in the middle is my bed,
And all the flesh is my food.
My food is sweet and squidgy,
The food is ripe,
The colour is orange,
I like where I live, it’s
By Connor

Rooms of citrus sour and sharp,
Squelchy, bubbly, flames of flesh.
Juicy flesh wiggling about,
Rough and bumpy citrus,
Its round big green skin covers the prison,
Sharp, strong, icy ball,
Big, green tennis ball,
Spring small, green, tulips.
By Edward

As I lay on the grass on a warm, summers day,
The sun cried out “Do you want to play”?
But in my world,
Another repetitive day is over,
We now need our rest.
By Erin

I opened the door to a bright,
Squishy, juice, blanketing the world.
Struggling to move as every step I take,
My foot sinks in a gooey mess,
Bouncing from wall to wall.
Trapped forever more, with the citrusy smell,
Wafting gently up my nose.
By Lauren

Outer space, a gliding galaxy,
Running from the walls of despair,
A cold, dark, prison cell with no food.
I’m forced into this trap.
Gotta get out, I stumble in a battle of wits,
End. Chomp.
Where am I now?
By Milan

I’m lying on top of the biggest, orangest thing in the world!
I run my small, pink finger over the top,
Of the waxy, smooth and bumpy round thing.
It smells quite sweet,
I try to dig my way through the sunset coloured skin,
But a big chunk of peel just falls away.
I fall onto the damp cobweb and start to sink.
I swim through the tadpoles, I tried one,
They tasted sweet but sour.
Of course my eyes were shut,
I bumped into something,
I pulled away but I was stuck.
What is this….aagrgg…
I never saw those tadpoles AGAIN!