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Lionwood Infant School, Norwich – July 2009

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Lionwood Infant School pupils hard at work

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Poetry from Lionwood Infant School

A Green Alien
A big alien walking on skin,
It sucks blood,
It has spikes on it.
Its got red eyes,
Its skin is green,
It has a yellow poisoner.
Its got six legs
And its antennae are green and mighty.
Emmanuel (6)

Little nectar flecter on the flowers,
Hedgehogs are spiky,
And frighty,
Hairy microphone looking at the flower!
Regan (6)

Reminds me of a furry animal.
Caty (6)

My Flower
My flower is good medicine,
The middle reminds me of nettle,
Violet and yellow, those are the colours
Of my flower.
Caty (6)

Hairy Hedgehog
Hedgehog hairy,
Eating a worm,
Curling up tight!
Cody (6)

My flower is beautiful,
Colourful and smooth.
It’s name is Heartsease,
Bees like its pollen too.
Scarlett (6)

My creature is green, what does it eat?
It eats cheese and it eats reeds,
And then it flies away to find more food.
It eats leaves and has orange eyes!
And I will tell you what it is,
It is a green fly.
Kane (6)

What is it?
It is green and red,
And hairy and spiky,
It’s got little dots,
Like Lego.
It’s got lots of hooks
And little lines,
What is it?
Jamie (6)

An Alien
A little yellow beard,
On a little green spider,
With little orange eyes,
Like an alien visiting Earth!
Keely (6)

Rain on the green grass,
Rain on the trees,
Rain on the house top,
But not on me!
Keely (6)

A little spider with a little beard,
Which I saw yesterday,
Tiddley, tiddley tay.
Ruby (6)

What is it?
Kai (5)

Something yellow like an eye,
Whose eye is it?
I know it’s a bee’s eye,
My bee has eyes,
So do I,
So does everybody!

What is it?
What does it feel like?
Is it a snake?
Is it a frog?
Is it a chick?
Is it a spider?
Is it a crocodile?
Is it a lizard?
Is it a bee?
Is it a fly?
Is it a grasshopper?
Is it a wasp?
I wonder?
Jahed (6)

The Eating Monster
Spiky monster,
Sticky monster,
Slimy monster,
Carrot escape pod,
Fat monster,
Slithery monster,
Gooey monster.
Alexander (6)

What can it be?
It’s round.
It’s in the shape of a ball.
What can it be?
Is it a bead, a bee or maybe a pumpkin?
It reminds me of a orange in a fruit bowl.
It looks like a small egg.
It’s in some spikes.
What can it be?
They might be dangerous.
Kate (6)

Hairy, scary monster.
Black eyes,
Yellow seeds,
Aliyah (6)

Looks like a buttercup,
Flowers can be lots of different colours,
Looks like a butterfly,
It feels smooth,
Flowers are sneezy and slippery and breezy.
Rebecca (6)

The bee is buzzing,
The bee is hairy,
The bee is sparkling,
The bee is stripy,
Its eye is black like an ant.
It looks fat.
Stefan (6)

A Little Seed
I had a little seed,
What could it be?
Maybe a flower or maybe a weed.
I waited and waited until it had grown,
It looked like a sun.
And before I knew it, it flew away.
Jasmine (6)

The Green Monster
It’s spiky and dangerous.
Its mouth reminds me of a ducks beak.
It’s fang is scary.
It’s got 4 legs.
It’s green.
It has orange eyes.
William (6)

Alien World
Sticky trees protecting the pumpkin.
Alien world with a spaceship landed.
Freddy (6)