SAW - Science, Art and Writing ™

St Mary’s Church of England Junior School Long Stratton – February 2008

Dandelion seeds

A close-up of the inside of a wheat grain

A close-up of a dandelion seed showing the patterns on the surface


Me the seed!!
Today I was born,
with lots of others,
guess what I am,
a dandelion seed.
Well that’s what my mother said,
she says I will leave one day,
what does she mean?
She says a journey.
I am coming loose,
from my mother,
oh no she’s right,
I will go on a journey.
A day later I land,
I am underground,
I am getting bigger,
every day I am twice the size,
than I was the day before.
About a day later,
I see the glorious sun,
I still keep getting bigger,
it’s warm now.
What am I?
Zoe Smith Age 11

Derek the alien
He crawls out of his space-pod
and stretches his many arms out wide.
His body is a sapphire blue
with mixtures of greens and red in it.
He has landed on Planet Earth
in a dense forest with bugs and beetles,
he slithered and wriggled over trees and plants
to a nearby town called Ipswich.
Adam Saunders Age 11

My tree
Shiny little tiny seeds
that fly in the sky
floating on the turquoise sea as you walk by.
As it grows into a sapling it looks like a
small mouse that is
covered in a protector that they call a
little house.
After a wait it grows
into a young tree
as green as a
light blue sea.
Growing and growing
into a chestnut tree
already nearly as tall
as me!
Another year goes
and the tree it still grows.
Amber Wilson Age 10

The green waves rushing by
The green waves are rushing by
oh what shall we do?
Should we try to count them
or maybe even ride on them?
Should we search for fish,
should we swim on them
or should we just sit down
and watch the green waves rush by.
Brendan Edwards Age 10