SAW - Science, Art and Writing ™

Rockland St Mary Primary School – March 2008

Colonies of soil bacteria

Colonies of bacteria

Toxic cake
A nice slice of cake,
just for you,
with yellow and white and pink and blue,
all flimsy and blobby,
glistening in the sun,
but you wouldn’t eat it,
it’s not like a bun,
it’s toxic and horrid,
and terribly bad,
if you ate it you’d die,
now that would be sad.
Alistair Brand Age 9

They’re looking, looking,
looking at you.
They can see you in yellow,
they can see you in blue.
They’re looking, looking,
looking through eyes.
Scary bacteria in the shape of an eye,
they’re looking, looking all the time.
Alistair Brand Age 9

Laura Flynn Age 7 -  Ellie Brown Age 8