SAW - Science, Art and Writing ™

Rockland St Mary Primary School – March 2008

Influenza viruses (brown)

Basophil. Coloured TEM of a section through a basophil white blood cell

The cell
Like holey cheese floating in the blackness of the universe,
a green pea the size of a flea falling through never-ending nothingness,
tense like a planet ready to explode and drop endlessly through space,
as green as frog spawn lying at the bottom of a river of pure black water,
isolated and defenceless as the inside of a lettuce,
the evergreen mould off a piece of bread shut in a cramped old cupboard.
Jake Brown Age 10

The world beyond
It’s like a jelly fish carrying a stone up to the surface,
it’s like a snake swallowing a huge egg,
it’s like an egg and a piece of ham on a plate,
it looks like a crab pinching a football,
it looks like a giant monster walking round the world,
it’s like a toothless monster trying to crack an egg with his mouth,
it’s like a bowling machine that’s just brought back a bowling ball,
it’s like a monster eating a giant pea but throwing bogies on the giant pea,
but no, it’s just a cell eating an infected cell.
Joseph Rix Age 10

Planet dendrites
Viruses can make you very, very ill,
So go to the doctors and they’ll give you a pill.
Pills are there to get rid of the pain,
then you’ll never get a virus again.
But that’s only a dream.
Some viruses are dull and some are grey,
and some are colourful; well that’s what I’ll say.
Some are big, some are small,
some are scary and some are nothing at all.
It’s a tiny planet ever so small,
unlike for it to be rather tall,
little spots sparkling light
the background is as dead as night.
Chloe-Jane Davidson Age 10

Shannon Parfitt Age 10 -  Lauren Crabb Age 9

Max Allinson Age 11