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Kenninghall Primary School – January 2008

Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of root hairs on a cress root.

Light micrograph of a section through the central part of the root of an asparagus plant

SEM of a section through a vascular bundle from a rootlet of a dicotyledon plant



In the root mine
Mine! Mine! Mine!
Break the nitrogen
help the plant get the sugar
stay alive! Get to the front
be the winner!
Work! Work! Work!
Multiply – fat, thin
all different shapes.
Be one of the group –
don’t let go, hold on.
Eat! Eat! Eat!
Eat the sugar keep healthy
and strong keep the
plant alive make him
reward us for our
brilliance. Enlarge
him, make him grow, work
to death if you have to.
Do your best – make
the master happy!
Dennis Egan Age 10

Bees going up; workers coming down,
plants growing up –
root going down.
Sugar going down … shshsh …
The gushing of the water along the path,
the roots, spreading around like a race.
The bacteria feeding them as fast as they can –
faster, faster!
Plant growing up.
Root growing down.
Bang, bang, crash, bacteria working – hard as they can.
Rees Eagle Age 9

The plant
The plant,
young plant,
it is dying all alone,
the bacteria are worried,
I watch the sad sight as I hear the helpless cries.
It’s over,
all over,
they are dead,
all inside are dead,
the plant and the bacteria are gone.
Georgia Precious Age 11

Dennis Egan Age 10 - Ben Common Age 10

Ailsa Warwick Age 9

Some of the artwork at Kenninghall Primary School