SAW - Science, Art and Writing ™

Halesworth Middle School – June 2008

Magnification of a petal surface

A close-up of the stigma at the tip of a carpel of an Arabidopsis flower

The organs of an Arabidopsis flower, sepals, petals, stamens and the carpel



My wrinkly flower
Someone’s leather jacket,
crinkly and scaly.

Sand, when it’s had water over it,
and has suddenly dried up,
leaving it in an odd pattern.

Like pencil sharpenings,
that have been scattered across the table.
It looks like a cape,
protecting you.
Iona Champain Age 11

infested chocolate bonbons
Flavoured bonbons
Barnacle shells

Sea sized barnacle

Small sized barnacles

Large sized barnacles

Old and wise barnacles
Old stones

Large stones

Small stones
Michiel Derks Age 11

cell of
a white flower
like the hard scales of a dragon,
white, milk, and dark chocolate truffles in a
chocolate factory, the tops of evergreens of a forest
from a birds eye view all compact, lots of honey fungi
on a undisturbed forest floor in Canada, water snails multiplying
like bacteria, a huge mountain range in Nepal or Italy.
Tim Lawrence Age 11

My pig
The image in my eyes
is a pig’s face,
with eyes,
nose and hair
a rocket
shooting into the air.
A plant
being explored by tiny people
a man
an ugly man
a wrinkly man.
An old man
a funny man
with a big nose
sticking out,
a manta ray
swimming in the sea.
A mouth eating a plant
a flower opening up
a face always staring
Izaak Loader Age 10

Pickled gherkin
with acorn parasite.
Punk with an afro.
Horror movie slug.
Weird alien.
Thousands of eyes
stretching on long stalks
to the stars
crawling like a snail.
Jake Savage Age11

Hannah Leech Age 11 -  Arron Sayer Age 11

Ben Armour-Chelu Age 11