SAW - Science, Art and Writing ™

Great Ellingham Primary School – March 2008

Unidentified fungus on a rainforest leaf

Close-up of rust fungal spores

A Japanese poem written in AD 752 that is the first written record of a plant virus


A strip in the sea
I am a winding road,
a strip in the sea
a heart of gold,
I’m love on a leaf.
Lauren McArdle Age 9

I am
I am
my leaves
are bright
my flowers
are strong.
Ella-May Age 9

of a green
African shield with curly,
swirly patterns. A lovely butterfly
wing made like a peacock’s tail feather. The maps
roads are like the veins in your fingers. A mountain with tracks
and trees. And the trees with green leaves are like the top of an African shield.
Leah Garnham Age 10