SAW - Science, Art and Writing ™

Eaton Primary School – March 2008

Section through a wheat grain

A model of a protein

Another model of a non-specific lipid transfer protein

The thingy-mabob machine
I see balls.
I see pipes.
A machine of many colours.
A machine
making mysteries.
With springs,
pipes and joints,
It makes things
like bubbles,
like cloud and air,
like shine for the sun
dark for the night.
A thing no-one sees …
Yet it’s so bright
a name for this marvel,
a name for this thing …
Hear it right now,
The Thingy-mabob Machine.
Emma Wilson Kemsley Age 9

The picture
Looks like the inside of
or someone’s
eyes or
an eyeball
or a
chocolate mini egg
or buttons on a shirt
or a pair of glasses
or a medal
or a head
or a
or a
or an
or a
or the
glass of a microphone
or a
Callum Lake Age 8