SAW - Science, Art and Writing ™

Dry Drayton Primary School – January 2008

A computer graphics image entitled ‘Found in Space’

Dragon tail fractal, computer artwork

Romanesco broccoli (Brassica sp.) florets


Jewellery fractal
I am the jewellery fractal
mistress and will now make
the sky turn into jewels.
I will make the ocean turn
into tiny sky blue crystals.
I will make jewellery for
I will make jewellery for the
moon and all the planets.
I will throw crystals into
the sky.
I will put pink crystals in
the clouds.
Nadine Kersey Age 9

Pet zoo of fractals
I went to a zoo
to get a pet fractal dragon
but they’re
far too small.
I found a de-shrinker.
It became gigantic.
I had to push it with all my might.
It made a funny noise…
It got out
now it smashed all of the other cages
they took over the world,
the master with a 700-eyed,
100-legged elephant.
Brian Morris Age 8

Fractal master of giant evil caterpillars
I am the master fractal
giant evil caterpillar
I shall get this caterpillar
and make it grow
bigger and bigger
I shall send it into space
and scare the earth
and let out a thunderous fractal roar.
Patrick Silvester Age 7

Space fairground fractal
Infinity slides
taking you everywhere,
the slides twisting and turning
making you sick
climbing up,
then swooping down
out of control,
floating like a feather
eating everything,
rotting your teeth
with every bite of fractal candyfloss,
animals leaping wildly
then falling back
down to Earth from space,
the space fairground fractalised
until next time.
Rebecca Dannert Age 10