SAW - Science, Art and Writing ™

Barford Primary School – March 2008

Light micrograph of villi on the lining of the jejunum, part of the small intestine

Interference colours on illuminated soap film

Soap bubbles



My dinner
It starts on the plate,
chips, peas and skate,
which I honestly hate,
into the mouth,
crunch crunch it goes,
down through the throat and the oesophagus,
into the stomach,
rumble, groan,
‘This is great,’ I say across the table,
‘Don’t speak with your mouth full’
replies my aunt Mabel.
Lauren Cooper Age 10

My dinner
The sausage as smooth as a tongue,
the mashed potatoes as squishy as mud,
the sprouts as hard as a tyre,
the peas as small as a bud.
Anon Age 10/11

Amy Kirkham Age 9 -  Eden Mullane Age 11

Olivia Dolman Age 10