SAW - Science, Art and Writing ™

Tacolneston Primary School – November 2007

Bubble membrane

A coin being dropped into water

The beautiful bubble
A diamond winding through
a shimmering waterfall.
An elegant ballerina twirling
swirling around
as clear as crystal on display.
An angel, sitting on top of a prickly,
green Christmas tree as it
its beautiful watery shapes into
soft wings,
flies off into the thick, cool air,
sweeping the dust in its tracks.
Danielle Gibbons Age 8

Marvellous bubble
The multicoloured patterns
were swirly, dripping
pearls, silky,
soapy, lonely,
sweeping shapes
like tear drops.
Abbie Brown Age 7

Bubble world
A deep smooth colourful world of distinctive
places in me.
A bright oil slick across the air.
An elegant cut in the beautiful eye of the heart.
A diamond swirl of water in the bright light.
Robert Gowing Age 7

Lewis Skinner Age 9 - Lydia Brownlow Age 10