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Slough Grammar School, February 2007

Historical artwork of the heads of Galapagos finches, made by Charles Darwin

Bluetongue virus particle

X-ray diffraction photograph of DNA - Water flea morphs

God knows 
The skeleton encased in its tomb,
looks like internal organs.
Kidneys, livers, the lot,
weird freaks of nature they are.

Babies they look like,
soon to be born,
in our society they’d be rejected,
in theirs no one knows.

A bud of a flower,
that’s all I know.
In my eyes that is,
in others, god knows.
Baljeet Singh Lakham

Brother birds
Two birds facing each other,
both of them hugging one and other,
developing at different speeds,
but sharing the same needs.
Two birds facing each other,
both of them hugging one and other.
But what are they?
Are they roses with thorns
or two birds about to be born?
Seahorses, octopuses, birds?
They may be so many things, not enough words.
Simran Tiwana

It looks like
It looks like a tear,
dripping down a cheek.
It looks like a leaf
falling from a tree.

It looks like a caterpillar in a cocoon,
it looks like an embryo going to
be born soon.

It looks like a skeleton,
of a bird, of a fish.
It looks like a butterfly.
It’s flat like a dish.

Looks like smiling faces greeting
and hearts beating, beating
Avneet Gill

Be impressed
I am better than the rest,
cause you know, I’m the best.
I am better at cracking nuts
with my fat beak.
I am not meek.
My island is the greatest one.
Trouble, you can give me none
It has the very most delicious food
with coconuts burst
by my beak, dry with thirst.
That is why I am first.

No you’re not.
You’re the last.
I fly through the air
really fast.
I am sleeker,
and very strong.
My eyes are large,
my pupils black,
my plumage colourful.

Yeah, sure, I
am better adapted.
My beak is long and sharp,
my body small,
I am colourful,
reliable and strong.
I do well in fights,
my tree is at least my own.
So don’t use that tone
with me
because I am free.
You can never see
my tail as it whips by.
Elois Bassa

MRSA drug resistant bacteria
Stuck together faithfully,
huddling protectively,
ready to endure mass bullying.

Floating around a small cosy pot
green and yellow bubbles,
whispering bacteria secrets closely.

The pot is no longer safe.
Sloshing around. Splashing stops.
Daylight. A long, giant tube descending …

Nothing to do but watch and wait.
The tube is sucking, pulling us towards it.
Strange, booming voices made by huge pink things.

Now inside it, I can see all,
moving jerkily towards a creature called human.
Rachel Weightman

Blue tongue virus
It’s a deadly virus
that turns cows’ tongues blue.
It’s very tiny
and smaller than bacteria too.
It’s a killer of a virus
without any cures.
Many a herd has been lost.
Rachel Weightman

X-ray diffraction
Light shining down,
glittering like a crown,
diffusing all around.

Light in every direction,
point as thin as an injection,
blocked out in some sections.

Black and white,
from a brilliant light,
it’s such a sight.

When this was crystallised
a lot of people were surprised.
Watson and Crick are so wise.

In 1953
some people let us see
the things that make up you and me.
Robbie McIntyre

Galapagos finches
Beaks like knives,
eyes like marbles,
from fast to powerful,
all modified for different reasons.

All changed for food,
cracking nuts,
slimy worms.
All islands  have unique royalty.
Manveer Singh

50,000 years on
His skin is hard and leathery.
His eyelids are transparent.
He has gills and fins.
His ears are on his fingertips and feet.
Instead of nails he has grown sharp claws.
His teeth are sharp and short.
His tongue is thin, long and pointed.
His pupils are wide and oval.
He can see in the dark.
He has no colour pigment.
He has no nose, just nostrils.
He has no hair, just spikes on top of his head.

This is all because of global warming.
All the icebergs are long gone.
All there is left is water.
Samara Jassim

50,000 years on, mountains will talk,
humans have tails, and fish have wings.

60,000 years on, hills will have ears,
we are amphibians, and rabbits die out.

70,000 years on, we will be savage,
you will be grey and I shall have fur.

80,000 years on, speech is unknown,
hunting as instinct and sympathy is void.

90,000 years on, we shall run with the wolves,
swim with the fish, and graze with the cows.

1000,000 years on, we shall sing to the sun,
lose our obsessions, never use land.

But for now, we’re we.
Rachel Weightman

When I was born
I was different,
Not the norm.

The friends of mine
Not true to me
Made fun of my spine.

When I was at home
My parents cared not
Whether I am sphere or dome.

But then they came
Those human scientists
I was never the same.

On me they tested
X-ray, blood
I wasn’t remotely interested.

One day, one man
Burst into the room
You could tell he ran.

Something he said
About so called DNA
As he looked upon my bed.

One of them I am
Re-check your scan!

How could this be
Of all apes
It happened to me!
Sameer Ahuja

Slough Highschool pupils working

Slough Highschool pupils working