SAW - Science, Art and Writing ™

North Elmham Primary School – November 2007

Salmonella bacteria

Salmonella entering human cells


Warriors invade
The warriors hid silently
in the mouldy cabbage leaf
waiting for the victim
to chomp it up with his roast beef.
When he took a bite
the warriors charged,
forming together,
making a barge.
Sailing down the saliva river,
sliding down the throat
to their destination
in their bacteria boat.
Macrophages, white blood cells
standing brave and tall
try to stop the warriors
creating a wall.
The goodies defeated,
the warriors invade,
swimming and celebrating
in some guzzled lemonade.
But they stop abruptly,
no time for play and fun.
They’ve got to work together
there are jobs to be done!
They make the stomach gurgle,
push through intestines, small,
making diarrhoea,
forming an evil ball.
Out pop the evil slayers
into the loo
making the bathroom smell
because of the stinky poo.
Megan Frances Ballman Age 11

Darting down my soggy throat
scuttling down my complicated organs
slithering down my gooey guts
swimming round the centre of my disgusting stomach
skidding through my slimy body.
George Jarvis Age 10

Ellie Scholes Age 10