SAW - Science, Art and Writing ™

Martham Primary School – December 2007

The surface of a human tongue

Crystals of taxol, an important anti-cancer drug found in the bark of yew trees

An aphid feeding on a leaf



Science nose
As I crush the molecules with my fingers
cells explode like a bomb.
Chemicals zoom upwards into my nostrils.
Strange smells make my brain dance.
Lloyd Sayer Age 8

A crowd of people looking up to the sky
A crowd of people in a restaurant,
waiting for their food.
Strawberries, tomatoes, spaghetti bolognaise.
Red icicles, like fruit sweets,
squidgy and gooey like marshmallows and peas.
Bright pink coral under the sea.
People with their tongues hanging out,
tasty, microscopic molecules
drowning in a whirlpool of flavours.
Darcie Lines Age 8

Spreading colours
Colourful flames, the light looks alive,
spreading slowly across the paper.
Multi-coloured molecules,
chemicals mixing together,
sparkling in the light,
dancing in the alcohol.
Olivia Hesseltine Age 7