SAW - Science, Art and Writing ™

Harrogate Grammar, Harrogate, North Yorkshire -
April 2007

Chris Hann and Helen Peyton planning their art session

Poet Stuart Pickford - A sketch of the session

The planet plotter
How many planets can you plot on a
Paper planet planned plotter paper if
You patiently plotted Pluto particularly
Pointed purposely painfully.  And if
You stuck Saturn stickely on
Standard stars statistically scientifically
Straight, then Saturn’s sunny summer
Sun would start start stop stopping
Sloping slowly stammering stars.  And
If mad money making Mar’s mind
Mingling made mummy make
Minging might mash more mashy,
Then made money making mad
Manipulated manly mind Mars mining
Minion machine monsterous monsters.
Joe Slater (age 11)

Pie in the sky

Gas rings
Gas rings

In the sky

Gas rings
Gas rings


Mother’s pie.
Joe Slater (age 11)

Voyager 2 photograph of Saturn's rings.

The Sun
The sun reminds me of a lamp on my
bedside table.  It reminds me of a big red
Balloon floating in midair, a boiling pot of
Lava sizzling away.

The flames remind me of Michelle’s face
When I step on her foot.  It reminds me of
My living room fire, a fluffy handbag
Waving in the wind.

The colour reminds me of hamster’s eyes.
It reminds me of red-hot chillies and the
Redness of blood oozing out of your deep cut.

I’m watching it all alone in my space ship.

It reminds me of earth
Heather Cameron (age 12)

X-ray image of the sun

Blue and turquoise
Yellow and red
White and purple
Green and pink
A piece of crazy art
Moon rock
Sally Cameron (age 12)

Polarised light micrograph of a section of lunar rock.

What am I?

Nothing can escape me,
Not even light,
I’ll crush the life out of you,
Don’t bother to fight,
You’ll never escape,
My invisible grasp
Will pull you right in.

This journey’s your last
I once was a star
But not any more
Come to me now
Right into my core.

What am I?

David Winckles (age 12)

Moon rock by Megan Simmon, Amelia Fibretti and Marie Barlow Beth (age 12)

Will Miner, Alex Blakemore, Josh Clarke, Greg McVey and Harry Finney (age 12) - Lucy Coghlan, Harriet Phillip and Grace Ellis (age 12)

Kate Parry, Chloe Reynolds, Millie Brown and Saskia Davies (age 12) - Jake Parkin and Dan Cawood (age 12)

Charles Edmonson, Matthew Pallister, Daniel Fibretti and Seamus Gibson (age 12) - Collective work (age 12)