SAW - Science, Art and Writing ™

Costessey Infants, Costessey Junior, and St Peter’s School, Easton - Spring 2007

Oscilloscope trace of a pure sound wave

Leaf-nosed bat in flight carrying its prey

Ultrasound scan of a foetus aged 12 weeks

Ruby throated hummingbird - Prototype telephone constructed by Alexander Graham Bell in 1875

The word monster
The monster took my name.
I am now called adison.
The monster ran away.
I am not seeing him again.
Madison White, Costessey Infants (aged 6)

A stone gets skimmed,
A ripple is formed,
The stone stops,
The stone drops,
Sinks side to side,
Left and right,
Drifts to the bottom
waiting for company.
Charlie Larwood, St Peters School Easton (aged 11)

Waves in the water
Acrobats under water
Twinkle on the water
Elephant trudging under water
Ripples in the water

Singing like whispering sounds.
Katie Fell, St Peters School Easton (aged 10)

Messages are humming down the line,
Did you take home my drink bottle?
Two days until my birthday,
I got a new school bag,
I’m going to the library.

Messages are humming down the line,
Thank you for my present,
Happy birthday,
Can you come to my wedding?
There’s going to be an explosion.

Messages are humming down the line,
You’ll never guess where I’m going on holiday,
Will you come shopping with me?
I’m going to get a new pet,
What do you want for your birthday?
Ashleigh Ramsden, St Peters School Easton (aged 9)

Baby baby
Jelly on mummy’s belly
For what looks like an iron
That the baby is ok
Kicks the belly
To say I am alive.
Charmaine Mann (age 9), Costessey Junior School

Old phone
There’s no speaker
There’s no mic.
There’s no  phonebook entry
There’s no ringer melody
There’s no call blocker
There’s no keypad
There’s no answer phone
There’s no speaker phone function
There’s no safety for small children.
Old phone - Anon (age 9), Costessey Junior School

They hang upside down,
Without falling to the ground,
They send signals across the air,
All the way to the deciduous tree a mile away.
They fly at night,
But they have no sight,
They cannot see any light.
They nest in houses, they nest in trees, they nest in caves.
They have silky skins,
As smooth as wind,
They sleep until dark they fly like the wind.
Liam Quadling (age 9), Costessey Junior School


The word monster

The following artwork is by pupils age 9-10, Costessey Junior School.

Soundwaves - The sound of a baby’s heart beating, Costessey Junior

The sound of a heartbeat, Joban Jimmy, St Peters (age 6) - Ripples, Lydia Winter, St Peters (age 7)

The sound of an old telephone, Zander Barry, St Peters (age 6)

Bats, Costessey Junior

Soundwaves, Costessey Junior

Costessey pupils working

Costessey pupils working

Costessey pupils working