SAW - Science, Art and Writing ™

Taverham High School, Norfolk – June 2006

Crystals of Beta-Endorphin

Computer trace of a heartbeat

Red blood cells

Engaging with the effects of extreme sports on the body

Writer Tom Corbett having his heart beat monitored

I look at a picture -
Crystals of beta-endorphin I see
A swimming pool rainbow with
Dolphins in black ice mermaid
Dancing in a purple night
Harry Mather

Inspired by red blood cells.

The boiling hot lava
Sludging through a channel

All towards a helpless city
Slowly flowing from the crater

Near the top
Glowing white, orange and red

Lighting up the sky
Illuminating a monstrous mountain

Now half way down
Orange and red but still rolling

The city knows its coming
The city knows its coming

Orange and red exploding bubbles
Now at the foot of the mountain


Devouring everything in its path
Keeps on going towards the cold blue sea.
Aaron King

Inspired by a micrograph of heart muscle

Can't be without you
Standing among the stars,
Looking over my town,
But now I can't see you,
You're gone.
I look into my heart,
I look into a picture,
A microscopic picture
Of my heart.
I can't find it,
The happiness you used to bring.
My heart aches for you,
Does anyone know how much it hurts
To be missing you?
Baby I love you,
I can't be without you.
The picture shows our favourite place,
The town,
But I don't see you,
You're forever gone.
Leanne White

The dream of the deep sea diver
I'm ready
Packed with my gear,
Just sitting waiting for the signal.
I get the all clear
And I dive into the cold water,
Shivering as it hits my body,
As I swim down I see multicoloured fish
Staring back at me,
I reach the coral,
And watch the fish swim around me,
As I turn around I see the most amazing creature,
So colourful and bright,
But in a split second it's tearing towards me,
Not so colourful now but with teeth
The size of boulders,
I close my eyes and then I felt a gush of water
Under my mask,
I awake to see my brother, staring and
Laughing at me,
With a cup in his hand.
Chelsea Powles

Wind brushes my face
The tide comes in
Shhh shhh
My heart goes boom
Boom boom boom
Feet move to the edge
Superman's cape
His red and blue top
Encourages me to jump
As I go down
I grab his suit
And go under water
I open my eyes
The suit is gone
I swim to the surface
I've conquered my fear
Roy Middleton

No light
No light.
No light.
Neon shines bright.
A whole new world
In the deep deep sea.
Chris Jarvis

Across the roof tops
Running, running, jumping across the cold hard bricks of the rooftops
The adrenalin and the surge of power rushes through you
As you try not to fall down to the street,
Jumping, moving,
A test of nerves and skill
Pulling hand stands off balcony rails,
Over the traffic below,
Zip line on telephone lines,
Momentarily a blur
Holding onto the block line,
Zooming to each building
Peter Long

Taking part in extreme sports