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Mundesley First School, North Norfolk – March 2006

Seaweed - Jellyfish

Salt Crystals

Getting into the science of the sea

Professor Anne Osbourn with children from Mundesley First School

Microscope work - Reception children used a digital microscope

Shannon’s Shell
Shannon’s shell is
Smooth and stripey
Dark on the outside
Light on the inside.

Shannon’s shell is broken now
Someone could have stood on it
A whale’s tail could have bashed it.
The waves could have crashed it.
Shannon Cervi, age 6

My stone
My stone
Looks like a footprint
Of a dinosaur
On the beach
Looking for other stones
To make a wall
To keep the sea out.
Thomas Fredericks, age 6

What We Know About Ourselves
Amy lives in water.
Martha blows herself up
Like a puffer fish.
Sam T has no skeleton.
Ben pulls his tentacles in to eat.
Eleanor sucks up seaweed.
Guy looks like a flower plant.
Callum has a tail to push himself.
Fish hide in Jake.
Sarah hides when the tide goes out.
Yvonne looks hairy.
Sally has a lot of tentacles.
Joe can sting you and leave
A red mark.
Alex has fluffy babies.
Caitlin is smooth.
Ben is wobbly.
We are all Sea Anemones.
Collective poem by Year 2 children (aged 6-8)

Step sucker
Rock crasher
Fish crasher
Sand stroker
Sea stroker
Pebble washer
Rock smoother
Steps stamper
Boat beater
Boat crusher
Sand soaker
Foam maker.
Collective poem by Year 2/3 children (aged 6 - 8)

The Snowball Pearl
Tiny shiny insect
Shell the colour of marble
A drop of milk
A valuable pearl on a shabby shell
Like a moon in the sky
Colours mingled together
A fragile teardrop.
Collective poem by Year 2/3 children (aged 6-8)

Holly Clements, age 6, inspired by salt crystals under the microscope

Year 2/ 3 artwork (children aged 6-8)