SAW - Science, Art and Writing ™

Trowse Primary School, Norwich – November 2005

Inspired by 'water'

Being a school of fish

Flying Fishes Dream
Fishes shoot through water as night passes
They flick through the sea
Into darkness
Everything’s black
But slowly lights go on
As their eyes focus
Space spreads out before them
Every star and planet
The fishes cruise across the universe
Colours change in dust galaxies
Black holes and quasars spin into action
As they pass
But now underneath
Green shoots appear
Trees grow
Land grows
Earth grows
Now waves of blue spread out and swallow the fishes
Back home in the darkness.
Lawrence Farrell (age 10)

Icicles are like sharp pointed noses,
crystals hanging from a cave,
Jack Frost’s daggers,
cave decorations at Christmas time.

A snow-saver
but animal-danger
hangs from a cave day and night
sparkling in the darkness.
Sunlight hater and hider.
Jack Wason (age 9)

Pearl Web
The friendly drips of life
The symbols, the signs
Of life shimmering like a crystal,
Clear to see.
A star shooting life.
A light, a guide, a piece of mind.
The Icy trap waiting ……
To be struck by the reflective drop.
Falling together, drops of pearly whiteness,
Every drops a new beginning,
And every falls the end.
Kelly Tilsley (age 10)

Water fleas

Harry Bond-Preston, age 8