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Rockland St Mary County Primary School and Framingham Earl High School, South Norfolk - March 2005

Ammonite shell fossil

A Christmas Rose leaf - The Earth from space

John Nicholson, retired chemistry teacher and science education lecturer with children from Rockland St Mary

John Nicholson with children from Rockland St Mary

Painting ammonites -  Children at Framingham Earl High School

Poems on the theme 'the Earth from space'

Earth Memories
I miss my ponies in their winter fluff.
As they click their hooves.
In the air on the wall.
The fluff of their fur.
Curled against me.
Ruth Gayton, Year 3

Earth Sick
As I touch the cold buttons
I remember holding my baby brother Dylan.
When I touched his head so soft
As I hear strange noises
I miss my brother Finley
Chatting away even as I don’t understand
What he’s saying
As I sit in my hard chair
I remember my mum cuddling me.
Ayla Evans, Year 4

Earth-sick Astronaut
I long to see a face other than my own in the
Sleek surfaces of space.

I long to hear a sound other than the
Occasional crackle of the static on the radio.

I long to smell sizzling bacon on a hot stove, not the
Cold metallic odour of loneliness.

I long to feel clear, white water trickling
Through the tiny gaps between my fingers.

I long to be in my warm home,
To wake up from my dreams in a place
Where I’m not roped down by the blackness

Of Space.
Jack Sutton, Year 7

On the yellow moon of Jupiter…

Yellow Moon
Yellow planet glowing in the dark
Always exploding, new volcanoes.
Inside turning outside turning in.
Gliding through on my space ship.
Warmed by the larva spurting out.
On to molten rock.
One of Jupiters many moons.
New volcanoes shoot from the ground.
Abigail Pritchard, Year 6

The Yellow Moon
Whizzing past the many stars
Whooshing past Jupiter and Mars.
Almost there, the time is noon
I am trying to visit the Yellow Moon!
Quite often the Yellow Moon turns inside out
Volcanoes arriving all about.
Imagine a strawberry flavour jelly-like floor,
Wibbling and wobbling,
Show me the door!
Lava and molton rock spilling everywhere,
Houses fall down all the time, BEWARE!
Bright dotty creatures jumping eating
Others giving each other a good hard beating!
Suddenly the whole moon starts to shake,
It looks like it’s about to break.
I jump into my space ship quick,
Just as all the volcanoes start to spit.
I start to lift off, Justin time
Quickly every dotty creature starts to climb
Up the trees that are the colour of lime!
I look out of my small circular window
It looks like it’s about to blow!
Sophie Allinson, Year 5

On close ups of nerve cells…

Nerve Cells
Glittering fireworks launched
In the midnight sky,
Electric forces exploding
In the black night
Creating stars in their path.
Matthew Stokes, Year 4 and Max Allinson, Year 3

Nerve Cells
Dashes of brightly coloured street lamps,
Lighting the way!
Katy Leeson, Year 4

Nerve Cells
Twisting, tangling, tossing
In their black abyss.

Trees of power
They could change your life
Spinning up your spine.

Dancing, laughing
Twisting, spinning

Gossiping with your brain.
Alex Marshall Y7

Objects seen through a microscope…

Salt crystals
I see you salt crystals
Fizz to the top of the lemonade.
If I squash you too hard
You crunch into hundreds of pieces.
If you fall off the table and
Onto the floor
You will scatter for evermore.
If you pop into water you disappear
Like magic.
Amelia Land and Hannah Burrell Y3

A Christmas Rose Leaf
The inside of a leaf looks like the sea
With plants growing and a cave collapsing
The whale calls for a friend to swim with him
The wave’s crash and splash against each other
Jacob Beckley, Year 4

Inspired by pictures of ammonites…

The Spiral Staircase
A spiral staircase
Sinking down and down
Into the start of time.

As a sea creature it swam
Over time it turned to stone,
A colosseum packed with seats
It dies.

Ready for its big drop
To the sea floor.
One day it will crop up
Stuck to a rock.
Reuben Braden Bell, Year 4

And lightning…

Night of Frights
The crack throughout the sky
Broke the edge of the earth,
Striking silver on a purple background,
Flickering flashes all night,
Streaming lava, a bolt of electricity
Whizzing through the air,
See the glittering light, hear the ear-breaking sounds.
Power volts hurtle for hours on end
Throwing lightning at the earth.
Bella Tait and Yasmin High, Year 6

Dust mite, Andrew Crabb, Year 6  - Inside a Christmas Rose Leaf, Ryan Smith, Year 1

Lightning, Oliver Wakefield, Year 1 -  Ammonite, Emily Leeson (age 4)

The Earth from space, Jasmine Smith, age 5 - Nerve cells

E coli, Julia Mundy, Year 6 -  Pollen grain, Andrew Parfitt and Joseph Robson, Year 7